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Frequently Asked Questions

Training and Onboarding

We provide:
A full day Train the Trainer (in person or online) sessions, which can be broken down into half day segments
Online webinars for your managers and staff
Self-paced videos for managers, staff, and contractors
Tailored for the role online support system available for everyone logged into FMClarity
On-demand periodical workshop sessions dedicated to chosen elements of the system

Yes. Our experience shows, that train the trainer sessions are the most effective way to learn the new system

Portfolio information and contact details for the personnel. Adding your documents to our unique structured document database is also recommended, as it will allow you to fully benefit from all the features of the system and you will be able to start using FMClarity as a Single Point of Truth for your organisation.

If you wish to do so, we can also import your historical data into the system.

We assign a dedicated project manager for your implementation who will drive all the requirement gathering and keep everyone on course for a go-live by the target date. This will be run via a join execution plan and project plan gantt chart.

Implementation can take up to 4 weeks however this can be a lot quicker if you have access to the data to set up the system. This is data such as: Area breakdown of sites, PPM schedule, Supplier contact information, Personnel contact information, etc.

The implementation process consists of 4 phases

Discovery and planning: together with FMC experts, we identify the best approach to implement FMClarity across your portfolio and devise a plan for smooth transition to the new system

Portfolio upload and configuration: FMC team sets up the account for you based on the data you provide

Personnel and external parties training: we provide a full range of in person, online, and offline trainings, as well as assistance during the whole implementation project

Go Live and Hypercare: based on your preference the system can be switched on all at once or in phases. After Go Live we provide prioritized support to make sure everything runs smoothly

The FMC team will help you verify your data and will perform the initial upload for you

If it looks like a too big of a task to roll out FMClarity across your whole portfolio in one hit we support also staged roll-out. For larger organisations this might be beneficial, as the lessons learnt during the early stages can be directly implemented and decrease the duration of later stages implementation (e.g. gathering details of preventative maintenance schedules, internal job schedules etc.)

We charge a nominal setup cost per facility and to project manage the implementation from go to whoa. There is also an optional cost for us to ingest your digital documentation and metadata.


Yes Quotes can be requested from multiple suppliers within a work order. You can also choose from the quotes received and send customised rejection emails to unselected quotes

Yes. There are various reports that can be generated based on Portfolio data, important documents and progress of work orders. Each report has customisable filters to generate required data.

Delegation level can be assigned at a team level and also at a user level. This restricts the issue of work orders only upto the allowed value

There is a ‘Support’ role which allows view only access to all data. This is potentially used by the accounts/finance department

We have an API that can be integrated with other softwares. We already have integration active with Supplier compliance softwares such as Rapid Global and Link Safe

The system allows real time messaging between different roles. We use a chat channel system where messages can be private if required, just within the internal team or to the supplier

Tenants can be linked to facilities. Tenants can also create work orders and send real time messages

Cost codes can be linked to services in sites which in turn will automatically attach to corresponding work orders. There is also a  configuration which allows to send the invoice on a work order to the accounts/finance team on approval of invoice. The invoice will be sent an an email attachment with associated data such as Cost code and property code.

Tick Sheet templates can be created at a team level and can be customised and attached to work orders. Individual work orders can also be created from each tick sheet item if further work is required.

Yes. Supplier profile data can be stored along with important documents such as Insurances, Contracts. Site configurations are available to check for supplier compliance before issuing a job.

Hosting & Support

All the data is hosted in an AWS cloud

All the data is stored across two replica AWS data centres in Sydney. You own your data and we never share any customer data with 3rd parties although we do provide you, our customer, with anonymised market insights to help with your decision-making.

Our professional and friendly customer support is based in Melbourne, VIC


We believe that a per user model limits the effectiveness of a system as many staff are not engaged due to restricting the licences made available. In addition, there is a need to forecast how many licences are needed which is problematic at best.

We have unlimited users in the system and base our subscription model on the size and intensity of the facilities within your portfolio. This will allow you to have the confidence of a fixed budgeted cost for the subscription and a clear understanding of any costs associated with an expansion.
Additionally it will enable much greater engagement across the organisation as everyone is able to participate in the platform, effectively building a community.

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