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FMClarity provides true native API utilising data inputs from any software platform to enhance your user experience
and functionality. It stores and processes data of any structure in real time, without barriers, eliminating the need for
extra add-ons or reengineering.

Open end point to integrate with any platform allowing integrations for financial, compliance and other platforms.

ERP integrations - ability to push invoices to finance systems
Automated contractor compliance checks
Workforce Management platform
Business Analytics

Current integrations


LinkSafe enables 24/7 online access to
essential compliance, induction and visitor
monitoring tools.


A best-of-breed, cloud-based AP automation solution enabling the highest rates of touchless invoice processing

Rapid Global

End-to-end workplace health and safety workforce
management software.

Our integration with Linksafe allows our clients to bridge the gap between contractor compliance and daily FM operations. Whilst we ensure that your operations are as smooth and efficient as possible, our integration with LInksafe takes this a step further and prevents work orders from being issued to contractors that are non-compliant in LinkSafe’s database – instantly. Bottom line – take advantage of our integration for the highest level of certainty with your contractor compliance.

  1. Contractor compliance checks in real-time
  2. Work orders stopped for non-compliant contractors
  3. Minimises risk through simple organisational compliance

Integrations coming soon


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